Our selection of sustainable gifts for Father’s Day!


Sunday, June 21 is Father’s Day! « A little daddy like there is none, he’s mine, he’s mine, Vive mon Papa » […]


Sunday, June 21 is Father’s Day!

« A little daddy like there is none, he’s mine, he’s mine,

Vive mon Papa »

Did you sing that nursery rhyme when you were a kid, too? These days are magical, whether you are a child or a parent, and they remain engraved in you forever.

So to cherish your dear little Daddy, here are our original and unique sustainable gift ideas for men !

Practical – Dad

Is your dad always farsighted, anxious to have everything he needs on him, close at hand?

This is the selection made for him! To move around with what you need without getting in the way!

The bumpbag to travel

The bumpbag to travel

Who said bumpbag was has been ? Back in the fashion game, this small all black leather pouch is ideal for carrying the bare essentials (phone, papers) attached to your belt.

Product sold in limited edition on our site only!

Leather money clip

The accessory that makes the difference, created by E2R: the money clip.

It replaces your wallet, taking up as little space as possible in your pocket. Eco-responsible and retro, it will plunge your father into his youth!

It comes in several colours, and it will make people envious for sure! The original little gift to please him !



Fanatic about vintage cars, colors and numbers?

The following selection is made to melt the heart of your beloved daddy with an eco-friendly touch!

Alberto : the 15 inches computer bag

Alberto : the 15 inches computer bag

This is our sporty version of the computer case, with its green and yellow leather bands, it will remind you of a famous racing stable!

This model in upcycling car fabric and upcycling seat belt handles comes in several fabrics and patterns : with a blue fabric and a number 20 in the image of the famous American actor and car racer of the 70s. This 15-inch computer bag can be carried by hand or across the shoulder.

Riccardo weekend bag

It is not necessary to describe this bag to you to perceive both its style and usefulness. For the gentleman, or for the whole family, here is the bag of a weekend or a lifetime!

Indeed this bag has an ideal size to take your things for a weekend. It is light and strong thanks to its upcycling automotive fabric, and can be carried by hand, over the shoulder or across the shoulder.

It comes in a variety of fabrics and patterns.

The traveling bags E2R


You have a super-active daddy, who has been running around fulfilling your every desire since you were kid!

It’s also the dad who can’t stand still, who needs to go away, travel… Anyway, we have what he needs:

The Steevy gym bag

The Steevy gym bag

A must-have in our collection which exists in several colours.

One thing to keep in mind: our bags are almost indestructible, so it’s a gift for life that you give to your father!

As a sports bag or everyday bag, this bag has an ideal capacity to carry either your sports equipment or your computer and documents.

Giovana: the light cabin bag

The Giovana cabin bag is THE reference cabin bag of our collection! Trendy by its look, light and resistant thanks to its upcycling automotive fabric, it will accompany you in all your travels.

It can be used in everyday life as well as for a trip, for the plane or the car. One day office bag, the other day travel bag, this eco-friendly carry-on bag is a Must have!

It is adapted to the standards of airline companies.

Giovana: the light cabin bag


A true businessman, always on the cutting edge of what we do best in terms of fashion and accessories, your dad is a recognized and adored fashion-victim!

We have therefore selected a few hand-picked pieces for an exceptional and eco-responsible dad.

The leather wallet

The leather wallet

This wallet has the great advantage of containing coins and banknotes ! And yes, it’s quite indispensable if you want to avoid losing your coins.

Exists in many colours and will take you on a journey to the land of racing drivers.

The Computer cover

The Computer cover - Entre 2 Rétros

Amazing that little gingham check fabric, isn’t it ? This is automotive fabric. This padded fabric protects your computer and can be used as a document holder !

Plus, it matches the Ronaldo Vichy upcycled fabric carry-on bag to match your better half.

The Dino 15 inch computer bag

The Dino 15 inch computer bag

Matching the pouch, here is the Dino computer bag, as classy as its name!

With its patterns and leather handles, it has the expected chic of a briefcase, and the lightness and solidity of its upcycling automotive fabric!

You got it, there are infinite possibilities with E2R to please your father! Would you like to push the idea of a personalized product made exclusively for him? Opt for a customised product with his initials or his favourite number! Lets’ find out on our website in the personalization category to discover our products.