Our history

"Since I was a child, I've been collecting objects and transforming them to give them a second life."

After 15 years spent in the marketing departments of large companies, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and an ecological fiber, Virginie Nantas decided to use scraps of fabric for car seats and seat belts to give them a second life.

Immersed in the automotive world since her childhood, the designer is fascinated by the technicality and robustness of the fabrics used to make seats. Indeed these fabrics are highly technical to meet the standards of wear, resistance to sunlight, friction ... These are ideal materials to create durable, design and functional bags.

She makes her first bags and establishes what will later be her trademark: the colored stripes and numbers. A sporty chic style that met an immediate success! 

Each bag is unique, handmade in an artisanal workshop with a constant concern for quality, attention to details and finishing touches. For us, there is only one watchword: that your bag is not only beautiful, but that it is also ready to follow you everywhere and for a long time! The collection comes in bags, luggage and accessories for men and women. Eco-design products that are as practical as they are trendy! 

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