A sustainable Christmas for women


It’s not easy to prepare for Christmas this year. It’s not easy to make a list for Father Christmas without […]

A sustainable Christmas for women

It’s not easy to prepare for Christmas this year. It’s not easy to make a list for Father Christmas without knowing if we’ll be able to get together.

One thing is certain: we are so looking forward to being able to rejoice, to celebrate, to hug our loved ones.

Despite this uncertain context, it is sweet and comforting to think about this Christmas and imagine it as we would like it to be.

Let’s think, dream, think about what would please our loved ones. More than ever, we want to give meaning to Christmas, to find original and ethical gift ideas.

Consuming differently and sustainably has become an imperative, offering eco-responsible gifts is even more beautiful and rewarding.

This year we have many ideas for you (if you do), and plenty of limited edition products that will please your wife, sister, mother, friend, spouse… There will be something for everyone!

As you know (or if you’re new to the brand): E2R (formerly Entre 2 Rétros) products are eco-friendly because they are made from scraps of car fabric, leather and seatbelts. These materials, destined to be thrown away, are recovered to be transformed into elegant and durable bags and accessories.

Moreover, our collections are produced in limited edition, as soon as a fabric is out of stock, the bag has to be rethought. So don’t wait until the product is out of stock, as it will probably not be reissued.

Why are our bags original? Their design is inspired by the automotive world of the 50s and 60s, which gives them a deliciously retro and unique look. This makes them very robust and long lasting over time. Buying E2R means betting on longevity.

Enough talk, it’s time to move on to concrete ideas for original and ethical gifts for women.

Here are some sustainable gift ideas for women: from small accessories to travel bags, find the original women’s gift that will hit the bull’s eye!

Give her her favourite number

Here it is: a small gift that is easy to give, practical and ecofriendly. An upcycled leather key ring. From 1 to 9, choose the size and colour of the key ring that corresponds to it. There are 2 sizes of key rings.

A Made in France toilet bag

Brand new in our collection: a transparent upcycled tarpaulin case. Ideal to take on a plane and put your products of less than 100 ml in it.

Made in France in a reintegration workshop, this kit is ecological, supportive and made in France.

A two-tone upcycled leather pouch

Ideal size for your papers, this two tone leather pouch is made from leather scrap. Exists in 3 different colours.

A leather shoulder bag

This is a model that has been around since the beginning at E2R. A shoulder bag made from scraps of leather from big houses. It is two-coloured.

It can be worn single, or double, by combining 2 pockets, and you get a 4-colour bag. Practical and chic in any circumstance.

Simple :


A leather banana

Discreet, this banana hangs on your belt and allows you to carry your papers with you discreetly.

An eco-friendly computer pouch

« Your computer cover in upcycling fabric is not ordinary? Yes, it is padded, made from scraps of automobile fabric, has an original look. Who could say it’s better? »

An elegant and original office briefcase

This is the accessory that women use every day to carry their computers and belongings. From 10″ to 17″, choose the model she likes from our wide range. Both classic and original, our eco-friendly computer bags appeal to women of all ages.

The chic and responsible backpack

Many women are converting to backpacks, even if they choose one they might as well take it ecofriendly and pretty?

One duffel bag and the matching travel bag

Brand new in the range: these 2 bags with a camouflage pattern. One wonders which car could have had these fabrics. In any case, we love these 2 complementary formats: one as a handbag and the other for travelling.

An eco-responsible handbag

Not easy to find the right female model: the Gabi is a small size that combines elegance, practicality and eco-responsibility. It can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder thanks to its shoulder strap. Our customers are fans of this bag!

Also available in a bigger size to put a computer in.

And finally, to go on a trip alone or as a couple, a choice of cabin bags or travel bags to be used by Mr or Mrs!

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, you can find it all here: www.e2r-paris.com and don’t hesitate to call us for advice.