E2R takes up the challenge of a sustainable fashion by creating bags, luggage and accessories from upcycled materials: car fabric, leather and seat belts...

Each collection is unique, in a limited edition. 

Manufactured with care and high standards in ultra-resistant materials, designed to be both practical and elegant, our products will follow you in all your travels: for a day, a weekend, or a lifetime !  

Our purpose

« We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it ».

These are the words of Barack Obama during the 21st COP.

E2R was born from the conviction that everyone, at their own level, can actively participate in the great challenge of fighting global warming by producing and consuming better. Starting from existing materials, giving meaning to creation, combining beauty, durability and functionality, this is the purpose of E2R, which drives us every day and pushes us to reinvent ourselves all the time.

Contribute to waste reduction

345 MT of waste in France, 17 MT of recycled materials reused, 21 MT of CO2 emissions avoided through recycling The textile industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. Reducing our waste is now a real challenge in which we have decided to participate by using only materials for disposal.

Preserving the environment

Reducing energy costs, stopping producing more and more, simply reusing what already exists, better managing our waste and resources, that is how we can contribute to the environment protection.

Changing our consumption habits

Consuming better and differently, what does it mean? According to the Ademe, 70% of our wardrobe remains in the closet. Each of us can decide to buy less and better. Buying more expensive is also a guarantee of longevity and durability of a product. We should fight against the planned obsolescence of products.

"We must be the change we want to see
in the world" (Gandhi).

Our commitments

High standards and quality

« A product cannot be only beautiful. It must also be well thought out».

We want our products to be everlasting, to accompany you in all your travels. 

This quality requirement is reflected on the choice of our technical and resistant fabrics, our sublime leathers, the care taken in each of the 40 manufacturing steps, with irreproachable finishes, but also the choice of our partners, suppliers and craftsmen. It drives us even in the follow-up of your order, the delivery of your product and beyond....

Because your satisfaction is our top priority.

Ethical and fair fashion

By recovering waste fabrics, we do not spend any natural resources or additional energy to design our products. All our creations are handcrafted in a traditional way in a human-sized workshop, respectful of its craftsmen.  Respect for the human being is a pillar of our brand, both internally and with our subcontractors.

Thus, whether in the choice of materials or partners, we ensure that the same values are shared.

We promote a reasonable and sustainable consumption based on fair and steady prices. Obviously we do support partners involved in the preservation of the environment. 

Transparency and authenticity

“To withstand time, you must have values”

Our company was created 10 years ago, eager to offer a high-quality range of products, useful and sustainable. We have the chance to be a small team so we can easily talk to you in person, to advise you, help you, in any case : our wish is to do our best to satisfy you.

We are here to answer all your questions and bring you as much transparency as possible on our materials, as well as manufacturing, storage...

With us, you’ll find human, simplicity and a lot of fun ! 

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