Recycle your clothes,

shoes and bags,

You will be rewarded!

Recycle your clothes, you will be rewarded !

E2R reinforce its commitment in circular economy thanks to its partnership with the start-up REDONNER.

REDONNER wishes that everyone instinctively recycle its clothes.

Almost 500 000 tonnes of clothes end to garbage every year. A raise in gathered clothes will allow to industrialize the sorting and assemblying industry, and thus build a long lasting circular economy in fashion.

1kg of recycled clothes = 25 kg of CO² avoided

What become collected clothes?

95% of recovered fabrics are recycled. Sorting is made by hand and it allows to employ people. According to their quality, fabrics can be sold in second-hand clothes shop or simply recycled. To know more about it, go on

Your rewards

15% discount on our site from 60€ purchase.

How can I participe?

Sort out your clothes

Clothes, shoes, towels, bags ... used, unused, out of fashion... all can be recycled.

Be sure that everything you give is clean and dry before putting them into bags.

If you have a doubt, please follow the advices below.

Deposit your gift

Put your clothes in a bag (30L) and find a collection point among the 44 000 collection point (Le Relais, Croix Rouge, Emmaüs) near your house...

Validate your donation

Validate your deposit by uploading a photo of your bags taken in front of the collection point, in the the link received by email.

Receive by email your code of 15% discount to use on our website.

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