An environmentally friendly Christmas for men


It’s not easy to prepare Christmas this year. Will Christmas take place? Under what conditions? We are all asking ourselves […]

It’s not easy to prepare Christmas this year.

Will Christmas take place? Under what conditions?

We are all asking ourselves these questions, yet we all need to rejoice, to celebrate, to project ourselves into a cosy and warm event, and finally to hug our beloved in our arms.

So let’s set off gently and dream about what would please our loved ones. More than ever, we want to give meaning to Christmas and find original and ethical gift ideas.

Consuming differently and sustainably has become an imperative, offering ecologically responsible gifts is even more beautiful and rewarding.

This year we have many ideas for you (if you do), and lots of limited edition products that will please your husband, friend, father, grandfather or son… There will be something for everyone!

A little reminder: E2R products (formerly Entre 2 Rétros) are sustainable because they are made from scraps of car fabric, leather and seatbelts. These materials, destined to be thrown away, are recovered to be transformed into elegant and durable bags and accessories.

Moreover, our collections are produced in limited edition, as soon as a fabric is out of stock, the bag has to be rethought. So don’t wait until the product is out of stock, as it will probably not be reissued.

Why are our bags original? Their design is inspired by the automotive world of the 50s and 60s, which gives them a deliciously retro and unique look.

Enough talk, it’s time to move on to concrete ideas for original and ethical gifts for men.

Here are some ecologically responsible gift ideas for less than 50 euros, which are also part of our best-sellers.

Give him his favourite number

From 1 to 9, choose the size and colour of the key ring that corresponds to him. A small gift that is easy to give, practical and durable.

Renew your toiletry kit

Men have a fetish that makes them keep their stuff sometimes too long (and yes, our clients confide in their men!). It’s time to fall in love with an eco-friendly kit that he will keep all his life, original and sustainable.

How to find your passport case

Simply thanks to the number on it. Our range of passport covers goes from 1 to 5 for a family of 5 people, each one his own!

Here are some other gift ideas for gentleman drivers.

An elegant and original office briefcase

It is the accessory that men use every day. From 10 inches to 17 inches, choose the model he will like from our wide range. Both classic and original, our eco-friendly computer bags appeal to men from 25 to 70 years old.

A golf shoe bag or other type of shoe bag

Everyone needs a shoe bag, right? This one is clever because you can add a shoulder strap and turn it into a sports bag, isn’t that clever?

The chic and sustainable backpack

The backpack is the bag of the moment, practical on 2 wheels, on foot or for transport. Eco-friendly, waterproof and light, this is the ideal backpack for men.

The retro tennis racket cover

This cover can hold 3 rackets and a ball box, and ensures guaranteed class at your tennis club!

And finally, to go on a trip alone or as a couple, have a look at our choice of cabin or travel bags. Our luggage are mixed, so you’ll love them too!

If you haven’t yet found what you’re looking for, you can find it all here: and don’t hesitate to call us for any advice.