Welcome to you, budding traveler, who dreams of traveling the world, discovering distant lands while limiting your ecological impact! Today, […]

Welcome to you, budding traveler, who dreams of traveling the world, discovering distant lands while limiting your ecological impact!

Today, it is difficult to reconcile one’s passions with ecology. Travelling rhymes with feeling guilty when you know the carbon impact of a flight. Not easy especially when you love to travel…

Should we stop traveling at the risk of endangering our planet? We don’t have an answer to this question, and far from us the idea to set ourselves up as high priestesses on the subject.

Nevertheless, it is important to ask yourself the right questions before traveling is this trip really useful (especially regarding business trips), how many times in the year do I allow myself to take the plane, will I do carbon offsetting ….

After the months we have just lived, we can no longer do as if nothing had happened, the planet has sounded the alarm, we really have to question our way of life because sooner or later we will be caught by the damage we are doing.

Once you have made your decision, many things remain to be organized: the choice of transportation, travel equipment, accommodation, food, activities…

For the organization of your trip or the good advice for an ecological trip, we advise you the agency Babel voyage, the specialist of responsible travel. Find tips of all kinds, and ideas for destinations, it’s good to find this freshness and all these ideas.

Our mission is your equipment, what do you need to be a green and elegant traveler?

E2R Paris was a pioneer in sustainable fashion and eco-responsible leather goods with the creation 10 years ago of bags and accessories made from scraps of automotive fabrics, leather from major companies and seat belts. By recovering these materials, we produce bags from existing materials, and thus spend no natural resources or additional energy.

So, you see, by choosing to travel the world with our collection, you are really playing a role in the sustainability of the planet while remaining stylish.

So, what product should you take with you to travel strong and sustainable?

At the very least, you need a toiletry kit

We have about 20 models to offer in different colors.

2 sizes of kits exist:

The Billy model is very compact to carry the bare minimum.

Big advantage of this kit: it is also very practical during professional travels.

Billy toiletry bag

The Bobby model is more classic, a standard size that has a very nice capacity.

Here are 2 different models of Bobby, find all the models here:

These kits will follow you for a lifetime, faith of E2R!

You may want to consider a shoe bag to keep them separate from your clothes in the suitcase, or to carry separately in your hand.

Here is the Roby shoe bag in a French style. It also exists in another fabric and color.

Let’s talk about the travel bag

This is where it gets tricky, how much room for my bag, how will I carry it, should I take a suitcase with wheels…

Everyone has their own habits, and there are some people who are unconditional fans of suitcases. We hope to propose you some soon but for the moment we concentrated on the travel bags:

There are different sizes, different shapes, different colors …

Our obsession: that the bag remains light and easy to carry. Thus, they all have handles and a removable shoulder strap, an external pocket to slip your laptop…

Moreover, our bags are unisex and can be worn by both men and women, clever, isn’t it?

The cabin bag has a big advantage over the suitcase, you are allowed to pass without checking it and its capacity is huge. Think about it because the airlines are becoming drastic on the suitcases with wheels.

Here are 2 different models for Mrs. or for Mister:

Giovana cabin bag (right) & Walter weekend bag (left)

The travel bag a little longer, is a good alternative for a trip by car or train.

Here again the choice is vast, we let you discover by yourself, with some pictures as a preview.

The Riccardo travel bag with a gentleman racer look

– The Johner travel bag for women or men from the collaboration E2R x Les Enjoliveuses

Don’t forget: our collections are limited edition. When a fabric is sold out the model disappears, so don’t wait too long to buy the model of your dreams.

Forward to your traveler friends, and don’t hesitate if you have any questions.

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