What’s new in March?


The year 2020 has been a very special year, it’s been 1 year now that the whole world has been […]

The year 2020 has been a very special year, it’s been 1 year now that the whole world has been idling, and it’s always difficult to project oneself into the future.

This has not slowed down the creativity of the team nor our desire to improve and offer you new products that are always more beautiful and better thought out. We wanted to see even further, to please you even more and we dug into the fruit of our imagination. To seduce you even more, our novelties are revealed in advance in the « Pre-orders » tab of the site.

What’s in it for you?

As you know, our collections are edited in limited edition, when a fabric is out of stock, you have to rethink the model and its colors.

Pre-ordering allows you to make sure you have the product of your dreams.

Icing on the cake: you get 15% discount on pre-order products. A unique opportunity for you to get a soft price on items that will probably never be sold out (hehe!).

Go to the « pre-orders » category to discover all the surprises from March.

Want to know more about our new products?

Who says novelties, says new patterns, and says especially more choices in our catalog to seduce as many people as possible.

Our products are suitable for all types of styles, and blend well with both winter and spring outfits. They are sober and classic but original because they are embellished with a retro touch with color, number, etc… Unisex, they can be worn as well by Mr. or Mrs., big advantage to be able to lend your bag.

For this spring 2021, we have opted for variations of models from your favorite colors!

Thus, we have declined the ABB pattern of the Enzo model in a Bobby toilet bag and a 13-inch computer pouch: a mottled gray fabric that is totally eco-friendly. Indeed, this fabric was made from scraps of seatbelts and plastic bottles. It is recycled, and upcycled, because we have recovered scraps of this fabric.

Its bands of clay, white and navy-blue colors give the pattern a sober and refined side and allow this line to match with all your outfits.

The ABB toiletries kit

The ABB computer pouch

In a different style, we are very excited to present the NBG8 range, which replaces the BBG8 range.

The fabric has a sober and elegant houndstooth pattern. The black, white and grey leather stripes enhance the fabric while remaining elegant and sober.

The presence of this number 8 brings a racing side, car rally representing well the universe of the brand. From the William computer bag to the Bobby toilet bag, this series is a must in our collection!

We hope you like this new range as much as we do!

The William NBG8 bag

Do these new products make you want to and make your mouth water? Go to our website in the Preorders section to discover them.

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