E2R Paris is branching into sustainable fashion, making bags, luggage and accessories from upcycled materials such as car textiles and seat belts.    

Our collections are unique and produced in limited editions.

Our products are lovingly and meticulously crafted, and are designed to be functional, hard-wearing and elegant -  ideal for a day out, a weekend away or as a lifelong companion ! 

Our Mission

« We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it ».

These are the words of Barack Obama during the OP21.

E2R Paris arose from the conviction that everyone can play an active role in combatting global warming by producing and consuming more responsibly. Using existing materials, E2R has set itself the mission of imbuing its creations with a combination of beauty, durability and functionality, and inspiring continual reinvention.

Help reduce waste

345 MT of waste in France each year 17 MT of recycled materials 21 MT of carbon emissions saved through recycling. The textile industry is the world’s second most polluting industry. Reducing waste has become a real challenge for society, and we have decided to do our part by exclusively using materials destined for landfill.

Help protect the environment

Reducing energy consumption, halting endlessly increased production, simply recycling what already exists and optimizing waste and resources are all useful steps to protect the environment.

Change the way we consume

What does consuming responsibly actually mean? According to ADEME, 70% of our wardrobe remains in the closet. It’s up to us all to buy less and shop more sensibly. Spending more on an item tends to mean it will last longer. We should all combat built-in product obsolescence.

"We must be the change we wish to see
in the world" (Gandhi).

Our Commitments

High standards

"A product must not simply look nice – it must be carefully thought through” (E2R).

We would like our products to stay with you for as long as possible, wherever you go.                   

Our standards are reflected in our choice of heavy-duty textiles and top quality leather, in the care we take in all 40 steps of our manufacturing process, and in our choice of partners, suppliers and craftsmen. The same goes for when we service and deliver your order and beyond.

We give customer satisfaction top priority.        

Ethics and Solidarity

We salvage materials destined for landfill and use no natural resources or additional energy to  produce our creations.                                   

Our entire artisan range is handmade on a human scale, with respect for our craftsmen.                           

Caring about our employees and our commitment to sustainability are core brand values, both in-house and in our choice of suppliers. 

We promote responsible, sustainable consumption based on fair fixed prices.

We support our partners, equally committed to protecting the environment.             

Transparency and authenticity

“To stand the test of time you need Values”

Our company was set up ten years ago with a view to creating useful, durable, top quality products, and it remains our driving force.                

We are lucky to have a small close-knit team able to address your enquiries about our materials, manufacturing process or storage with the utmost transparency.

We pride ourselves in remaining approachable, straightforward and with a real sense of fun !

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