10 years already!


10 years that E2R has been in existence is both huge and so little. Enormous, because the challenge was huge: […]

10 years that E2R has been in existence is both huge and so little.

Enormous, because the challenge was huge: making fashion out of scraps of automotive fabric. Who would have thought that we would make beautiful bags that would sell except me?

So few, because we remain a human-sized, artisanal company with a long way to go.

Enormous, because we were pioneers in sustainable fashion. In 2011, when we talked about our concept, few people were interested in the sustainable and ecological aspects of our brand. The concept was appealing, but it was not a purchasing criterion.

One of the first shoot of the brand:

One of the first shoot of the brand

In 10 years, purchasing behavior has changed considerably, and taking the environment into account has become a daily concern for many. And I am convinced that tomorrow will not be able to survive companies that have an eco-design and transparency approach towards the customer.

It has to be said that a lot has happened in the last 10 years: remember the Fukushima disaster, the advent of Greta Thunberg, deforestation in the Amazon? but also the Bataclan attacks, the death of Johnny, or France winning its second soccer World Cup!

A look back on 10 years of life of a startup.

Concretely, 10 years of life at E2R is:

– 55,000 products sold,

– 40,000 square meters of upcycled fabric, the equivalent of 10 soccer fields!

120,000 kg of CO2 equivalent saved – when you know that each day, on average, you consume more than 32 kg of CO2…!

– 5,000 euros donated to the associations Tara Océan and Plastic Odyssey

– 3,000 hours of creation,

– 200 hours carrying boxes,

– 50 days of shooting…

– And… a toilet bag that made…the Route du Rhum !

Return in image on best sellers:

E2R Paris - Bagages E2R Paris - Bagages

But it is also an hourly wage to make Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk pale 😊, a husband who has become a delivery man in his spare time and who takes care of the children during the weekend sales, a family muse of the brand equipped from head to toe, friends who invest to help you develop, hours on the phone to deal with production problems or delivery errors, or to call back our dear customers to show them that we are at their side in all circumstances (confinement, yellow jackets, please save us in 2021!) …

Moments of doubt, but also of joy, thousands of hours of creation to decide the color of the thread of the bag, or its size, models to be declined …

Crazy laughs with the team, moments of solitude waiting for customers during ephemeral sales, crates to carry, back pain…

In short, the list would be too long to make, as you will have understood, the life of an entrepreneur is not a long quiet river.

Nevertheless, today I am proud of the work accomplished, happy to create products that make sense, that I find beautiful, in line with my values, to know why I get up in the morning.

Happy to have all of you by my side, of the trust you place in us by buying our products and being our ambassadors.

Thank you for these 10 years together!

To celebrate this, we take you on a road trip during the whole month of March, follow the steps that marked us and participate in our animations!

At the end, 10 gift vouchers of 50 euros to be won!

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