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If they say Black Friday, do you see what it is about?! Come on, look it up…It’s a day that […]

If they say Black Friday, do you see what it is about?!

Come on, look it up…It’s a day that takes place every year at the end of November. Do you see what we’re talking about?

… Yes, it’s a commonplace day, where consumers buy without thinking, on a whim, just because the stores are offering low prices, or even put online false promotions to bait the customer.

High-end products at low prices, it makes you dream, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t succumb to temptation? We can already imagine you in front of this article, mouthwatering when you think about the purchase you will be able to make next November …

Unfortunately, or fortunately for you😊, at E2R we only offer products that are designed to last over time, that you can keep for life!

So, to offer you the best throughout the year and so that you only buy what you need, our bags and accessories are never on promotion (outside the 2 annual sale periods).

We still find ways to please you throughout the year, don’t worry!

Consuming responsibly is necessary today to preserve our planet.

Buying a bag at 220 euros may seem high to you but if you relate this price to the lifetime of the product is it really?

We all tend to think in terms of immediate cost, but if you think about it, our daily lunch formula (quickly swallowed!) is quickly equivalent to the price of an E2R bag.

Let’s come back to our topic: to counter the Black Friday, a movement bringing together many brands was launched in 2017: the Green Friday. Its objective is simple: to raise consumer awareness in their purchases and encourage them to participate in a sustainable world.

Green Friday

Moreover, this momentum is also a call to save our beautiful French brands. The era of « everything on sale all the time » is killing the world, jobs… and products that no longer have any real value. What is a product worth all the time on sale?

Not only is E2R participating in Green Friday, but we have also decided to commit ourselves throughout the year.

Thus 5% of the turnover realized every Friday is donated to associations committed to the preservation of the environment.

Who do we pay this turnover to?

To the Fondation Tara Océan

The Tara Ocean Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2003 in France, leading a scientific revolution around the ocean through philanthropy. We promote scientific facts through open and innovative ocean science that will enable us to understand and anticipate climate and global change.

The Tara Ocean Foundation also uses this high-level scientific expertise to raise awareness and educate the younger generations, mobilize political decision-makers and enable emerging countries to benefit from cutting-edge knowledge. A floating, versatile and efficient scientific laboratory, the schooner Tara has already travelled some 400,000 kilometers in 11 major expeditions, forming and co-operating with an international consortium of laboratories (CNRS, CEA, EMBL, MIT, KAUST, NASA…) ».

To the Fondation Plastic Odyssey

The association Plastic Odyssey fights against plastic pollution of the Ocean.

Their ambition? To stop the problem at the source and prevent plastic from finishing its race in the Ocean. To do this, we travel around the world to the regions most affected by plastic pollution, to share patent-free solutions and develop micro-entrepreneurship in recycling.

By buying E2R you are buying sustainable and solidarity, congratulations for this act of citizenship!

Take advantage of Friday at E2R to place an order.

Adopt the profile of citizen rather than shoppingaddict!

Thank you for committing to us!

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