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E2R was born from the conviction that everyone, at his or her own level, can actively participate in the great […]

E2R was born from the conviction that everyone, at his or her own level, can actively participate in the great challenge of fighting global warming by producing better and consuming better. Today E2R is happy to partner with Redonner and to take another step in the circular economy.

In creating E2R, Virginie’s objective was to create a project that made sense. Her wish was not to create a leather goods brand, as there are many such brands.

It is by recovering scraps of automotive fabric destined to be thrown away and by transforming them into bags and sustainable accessories that the DNA of E2R was born and that 10 years after the creation, the brand remains faithful to its concept.

E2R‘s objective is to add one more brick each year in the construction of a sustainable brand, and to think all our actions in relation to our commitment to sustainable development.

Thus, in 2020, all product packaging has been replaced by fabric bags made from fabric scraps.

In 2021, E2R signs a partnership with the start-up REDONNER.

What is the objective of REDONNER and what is the benefit of this partnership for you?

As its name indicates, Redonner is a start-up whose vocation is to give back meaning to fashion by going into circular mode.

Redonner wants textile recycling to become a reflex for everyone.

How can it be done?

By encouraging each of us to donate the clothes or textiles that are sleeping in our closets.

Nearly 500,000 tons of clothing end up in the trash every year. Increasing the volumes collected will allow us to industrialize the sorting and recycling process, and thus build a sustainable circular economy in fashion, and create jobs.

What is done with the collected textiles?

They are sorted by hand, they can be redistributed to secondhand stores or simply recycled.

Thus 95% of the textiles collected are recovered.

A figure to keep in mind: 1kg of recycled clothes = 25kg of CO² avoided.

What is the advantage for you to recycle your textiles?

This advantage is twofold:

1/ you participate in a more sustainable fashion

2/ in exchange for your donated textiles, you get RE points that give you access to discounts at all REDONNER partners, including E2R of course.

In addition to doing a good deed for the planet, you will be rewarded for it! Isn’t that nice!

Yes, by participating in the collection, you can use « Re » points on our site;

10 Re points = 10% discount on the eshop

20 Re points = 15% discount on the eshop

So now it’s up to you to participate in this beautiful project between E2R and Redonner!

The process is explained on the site, and here are a few words on how to proceed:

First step, a good spring cleaning is necessary. Sort out your closets and look at what you can and want to give away, don’t forget that everything can be recycled!

tout se recycle - redonner - E2R Paris

Then, drop off your donations at one of the collection points (Le Relais, Red Cross, Emmaus) indicated near you via the geolocation service offered by Redonner.

points de collecte Le Relais, Croix Rouge, Emmaüs - Redonner E2R Paris

Finally, the last step, the validation of the donation. You just have to take a picture of your donation in front of the collection point, and send it by email to to benefit from your points (1 donation = 50 Re points).

photo votre don devant le point de collecte Redonner E2R Paris

So, what are you waiting for?! It’s up to you!

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